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About the agency

We are a digital marketing agency licensed in the United Kingdom under the name MASTER SEO LTD ,

registered with Companies House No. 13520769.

Main office address :  Kemp House, 160 City Road, London, EC1V 2NX



who are we

SEO Master is a joint stock company licensed in the United Kingdom, founded in 2014. It mainly works in the field of developing websites and mobile applications. The company’s management has also expanded its services to include search engine optimization and many other services.

Our message

We always and continuously look forward to bringing our customers to the utmost levels of satisfaction with our work so that we can be their partners in success.

We also promise our current customers to further develop our services to include everything necessary without the need for a third party

What sets us apart from others?​

Because we have the experience, skill, and passion to make your business thrive in the digital age. Because we work with you as a partner and not as a service provider. Because we listen to you, understand you, respect you, and appreciate you. Because we put your interest first and always strive to exceed your expectations.

We have proven results

We have a track record of success and achievement in the field of digital marketing. We have helped many small and medium businesses grow and excel in the digital world. We have achieved tangible and measurable results for our clients, by increasing their awareness, presence, sales, satisfaction, and loyalty for their brands. We have gained the trust and satisfaction of our clients, and received positive testimonials and ratings from them.

We know digital marketing well

We have extensive experience and knowledge in the field of digital marketing. We follow the developments, innovations, and trends in the digital world, and apply them in our work. We learn constantly and improve our skills and performance in digital marketing. We use the best practices and standards in digital marketing, and avoid the common mistakes and problems.

Customers first

We put our customers first in everything we do. We care about the interest of our customers and strive to achieve their satisfaction and happiness. We provide our customers with services that exceed their expectations and achieve their dreams. We communicate with our customers regularly and effectively, and respond to their inquiries and requests quickly and accurately.

"from heart"

The Internet is a gold mine. Either we exploit it to our advantage by developing our sales, increasing our reach, and communicating our ideas, or we are in the back rows, as the world is moving forward and will not wait for us.

Get to know our leaders

The agency’s success story began with the personal successes of our staff. We work together for the success of our company and to gain the trust of our clients

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Hafez Sabeh
Editor in Chief
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Steve Norman
Chief Financial Officer
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Juanna Qasem
Public Relations Manager
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